Corn Feeders

Tough Enough!

CF Corn Feeder
1000#, 2000# and 3000# Capacity

Solar Powered Timer Included
The Timer is the easiest timer on the market to operate.  Wiring harness, 2-AA batteries and a spare fuse are included with the timer. Easy to understand instructions are on a weatherproof label on the back of each timer.

Optional TM Protein Adapter Tube & Fold-up Cage

Extended Tube Protein Adapter
Available in 4, 6 or 8 tubes

The "Dually" Protein and Corn Feeder
Features "The Elimintor" which closes off completely when not activiated.
Features split hopper that allows for gravity-flow protein simultaneously with directional corn distribution.
Comes with 3 protein tubes.  Available with up to 6 tubes and in 3 capacities.

  1000# Total Capacity:  250# Corn and 750# Protein
2000# Total Capacity:  500# Corn and 1500# Protein
3000# Total Capacity:  750# Corn and 2250 # Protein

The "Amigo"
Air-driven Feed System
150# corn per min
ute, 125# protein per minute.  Operate from truck bed or receiver hitch compatible.

           Price Discounts on volume orders:

Order any 3 feeders, receive $50.00 discount per feeder
Order any 4 feeders, receive $75.00 discount per feeder
Order any 5 or more feeders, receive $100.00 discount per feeder

Delivery Charges are not included in feeder prices

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